Welcome to My Life

Well, I am so bad at recording the wonderful things that happen in my life. Thus, I wanted to record some life events. Thanks for wanting to know about me!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Blaine is a great babysitter. He is also using "the smolder".Blaine loves to build! He loves to use Legos and blocks and furniture!
Blaine is such a good older brother.Blaine got a scooter for his last birthday and is working on his skills.Blaine played basketball for Jesus.
I am so grateful for this wonderful boy. He is so responsible, smart, and helpful! We have been doing home school this year and I have really enjoyed being part of his learning. He is able to read quite well and is really good at math...especially when it comes to doing money math. He loves to do extra jobs around the house so he can earn money. He has some good friends at church that he loves to invite over to play. Blaine's favorite activity is basketball, so we signed him up for a Christian league. They didn't keep score and the fans cheered for both teams. I think that is what Jesus would do. The referee prayed a hedge of protection around the children before they began each game. When Blaine got his shirt he asked his dad, "What does the big t mean?" We sure are glad that we have such an amazing son and we love him!


  1. Bahahahaha I LOVE this! That kid is one of my best friends! I love that he plays basketball for Jesus :)

  2. I love it too!! I am obsessed with playing basketball for Jesus!!!

  3. I LOVE seeing the pictures of the kids! Hope that becomes a regular activity. Your family is AWESOME! I love and miss all of you!