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Well, I am so bad at recording the wonderful things that happen in my life. Thus, I wanted to record some life events. Thanks for wanting to know about me!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Bekah loves holding baby Sarah.
Bekah and Sarah got a new pink room in November.
In Washington D.C., Bekah loved driving the mail truck in the Postal Museum.
Bekah's 4th Birthday! She loves her Daddy!

Bekah turned 4 on December 13th. She loves to do the laundry and the dishes. She does not love to make her bed and clean up her toys. She is learning her alphabet and loves to do Mom school. Her favorite thing to play is ponies. She often pretends she is a pony, so that Joseph can ride on her back. She loves to write letters and pretend she is a mailman. She ends each one of these letters by saying, "And remember God made you special and he loves you very much. Your friend, Bekah." She loves to have her fingernails painted. She wants to be a hunter when she grows up. She told me that hunters just march and march and march. We sure do love our little drama queen Bekah, even though we make her face red sometimes. (This is what she says when her heart is broken, usually because she is on a timeout.)


  1. such a sweetie pie! I love that little princess!!

  2. What a cute room, it is soooo Bekah!!! Sarah is going to love having such a fun and silly older sister to take care of her! We miss you guys like crazy and cannot wait to see you in June!!!