Welcome to My Life

Well, I am so bad at recording the wonderful things that happen in my life. Thus, I wanted to record some life events. Thanks for wanting to know about me!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our Backyard Swim Adventure

One thing that you have to love about children is that they are tenacious! I told Blaine and Bekah that they could go swimming in their giraffe pool last Thursday. All day long they insisted that we put water in their pool, and I politely informed them that we would do it later. Well, LATER came and the rain was pouring down. Blaine informed me that they were planning on getting wet anyway. Bekah began to cry and tell me she wanted to wear her Tinkerbell swimming suit. So don't worry, I went outside in the rain and began to fill the pool with water (the rain helped too). They got their swimming suits on, then they brought out their towels and sunblock. About the time they got in, the sun was shining. I guess Heavenly Father just new that two beautiful children really wanted to swim in a tiny giraffe pool on the back porch. Aren't the tender mercies of Heavenly Father perfectly wonderful?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Joseph's New Bed

So, we decided it was time for Joseph to get a toddler bed. Josh was very patient with the boys as they helped him put the bed together. Joseph didn't want to give the screwdrivers back to Josh after the job was done. He is such a little handy man. My men were so cute putting the bed together, so I had to take a picture. Joseph has been sleeping in his bed now and he loves it! If Blaine and Bekah try to get in his little bed he shouts at them until they remove themselves from it. Each night he tells me, "Bed, bed, bed" until I put him in it. He is so proud of his bed. I think I love his toddler bed as much as he does!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Speaking Spanish

I learned Spanish while serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I lived in Honduras for sixteen months and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Honduran people. I loved my time with them! Although I have not had the opportunity to use Spanish very often over the last six years, I have frequently prayed for God to send me a Honduran friend. I thought this could help me practice Spanish and give me reminders of what a blessing it was to serve a mission. Well, God answers our prayers sometimes in ways we can't even imagine. I was recently blessed with the opportunity to be friends with not just one Honduran, but eleven! I have been teaching them English, and we've been spending a lot of time together. Josh and I (along with some wonderful members of our ward) are having Spanish Family Home Evenings twice a month, and I am translating and teaching in the Primary. My Spanish is getting better because I use it so often. Blaine and Bekah are picking up on some Spanish too. Bekah thinks she is fluent, although she just makes things up ;) I think that she is pretty amazing. God sure is good to us, isn't He?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Kittens

So, a couple of months ago a pregnant cat would come to our house and hang out all day. Any time that she came, I would give her some milk and a little something to eat. Bekah is obsessed with cats and would hold her and pet her. Bekah also named the cat HORSE. (We will never have one because "No Pets" was the entirety of the prenuptial agreement between Josh and me. I was so silly! Like I never was going to want a pet!) Anyways, yesterday the cat brought four little kittens to our back porch. SOOOO CUTE! Bekah--the Catwoman--tried to hold them all, but only the white one was docile enough.

Blaine's Dragon

We went to a Neighborhood Watch party on Sunday; we met some neighbors and had some fun. Blaine and Bekah ended up getting their faces painted. Blaine insisted that he keep his on all night long. He kept it for almost 24 hours. Bekah got a kitty face and wanted to wash it so it could be more pretty. Hahaha! Well, she ruined her white shirt and dirtied the bathroom. She was really upset that her kitty wasn't on her face any more. I love these babies!